Hidden Gems in Highgate: Lesser-Known Attractions and Activities

Highgate, a beautiful village in North London, is known for its picturesque streets, historic sites, and lush green spaces. While many visitors flock to the well-known landmarks like Highgate Cemetery and Hampstead Heath, there’s so much more to discover in this charming area. In this blog post, we’ll take you off the beaten path and explore some of the lesser-known attractions and activities that make Highgate a must-visit destination for those seeking unique experiences.

Unwind at Waterlow Park

  • A tranquil oasis away from the hustle and bustle
  • 26-acre park featuring ponds, gardens, and woodland areas
  • Perfect for picnics, bird-watching, and leisurely strolls
  • Take in breathtaking views of London from Lauderdale House terrace

Discover Highgate’s Literary Heritage at the Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution

  • Founded in 1839 as a center for intellectual pursuits
  • Regular events, including lectures, exhibitions, and workshops
  • Explore the historic library, housing over 20,000 books and manuscripts
  • Visit the HLSI Archives to delve into Highgate’s fascinating history

Sample Local Flavors at Highgate Farmers’ Market

  • A vibrant community market held every Saturday
  • Fresh, locally-sourced produce, artisan breads, and handmade crafts
  • Support local businesses and sustainable agriculture
  • Taste your way through the market with delectable food options

Step Back in Time at The Flask

  • One of Highgate’s oldest and most storied pubs
  • Dating back to the 17th century, with a rich history of famous patrons
  • Enjoy traditional pub fare, real ales, and a cozy atmosphere
  • A favorite haunt of writers and poets, including Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Experience Highgate’s Artistic Side at Highgate Contemporary Art

  • Established in 1996, showcasing contemporary British and European art
  • Rotating exhibitions featuring paintings, sculptures, and ceramics
  • Located in the heart of Highgate Village
  • Find the perfect piece to take home or simply appreciate the talent on display

While Highgate’s most famous attractions are undoubtedly worth a visit, venturing off the beaten path will reward you with unique experiences and unforgettable memories. From the serene beauty of Waterlow Park to the vibrant atmosphere of the Highgate Farmers’ Market, there’s always something new to discover in this enchanting village. So next time you find yourself in Highgate, take the time to explore its hidden gems and uncover the true charm that makes this North London village so special.